Maija Reeta Raumanni: a lot of work is elementary

a lot of work is elementary could be called a tender statement towards performance making and performing. It could be called a solo, but as well a duet where the performer on stage is assisted to surrender through the act of the performance by other person, whose presence derives from a role of a technician. Performed by the character of Maija Reeta Raumanni, and assisted by the presence of Marysia Stokłosa the performance suggests an experimental option for a performance. It questions the idea of form, content and structure of a dance performance.

The performance does not have any preset order of events. It consists of five minimal, small scale performances and transitions made between them. The order of those small performances and transitions is created and resolved in the moment, while the performance goes on. The atmosphere is different each time. The form / content of the piece changes subject to performer’s mood, improvised interactions / conversations between the dancer and the technician and the audience. The performer is open to observe her reactions, limitations, inspirations, imaginations or emotions in course of the performance and act in relation to them.

How can we address elements of theatre making such as space, intimacy of a performance, illusion of theatre? Can a theatre space be just a room where the performer and spectators share the time between the beginning and the end of the performance? How much we as an audience need to be expalined what we are seeing? How much can we understand intuitively? Does the use of abstract thinking, absurdity and oddity liberate or confuse the audience?

Concept: Maija Reeta Raumanni

Performance Maija Reeta Raumanni, Marysia Stokłosa
Artistic advise: Igor Dobričić, Ria Higler
Production: AHK / School for New Dance Development

, Maija Reeta Raumanni

Premiere 9.2.2006 De Theaterschool, Amsterdam