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Tashi Iwaoka: Kuroko’s dreams 07 (single O seven)

Kuroko’s dreams 07 [single O seven] was originally created in 2006, then updated in 2007. It is a solo performance about the fantasy of a Kuroko who attempts to make his own show out of his dreams to visualise his invisibility. As he is invisible and silent the Kuroko had to relay on things such […]

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Ehkä-kollektiivi: My favourite part….

imagine a place wide white with black figures to be there standing on a spot small being alone and you could make a picture of us together. Initiator of the project: Anna Torkkel Makers and performers: Ria Higler, Joa Hug, Stine Eva Jorgensen, Eeva Muilu, Violetta Perra, Sonja Pregrad, Anna Torkkel Light design: Antti Helminen […]

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