New dance & performance

Tashi Iwaoka: A Way of the Dragon [a frame for waking new clear balance]

A Way of the Dragon [a frame for waking new clear balance] is the third piece of A Way of the Dragon series, and probably the last one.
The theme is ‘death’. (and the previous themes in the series are included whether directly or indirectly)
The performance is set as the last 90min of my life.
What would I like to tell, show, do for and share with the last audience in my life?
How would I (like to) be just before my own unavoidable death?
What and how will I become after my death in this world?
What would the last performance of my life be?
Concerning the questions above, it deals with my dad who has been dead since I was 8 months old.
He has become my ideal form of unconditional love that is free from identification – not having a body to exist – and the limitations of time and space.
Dad now rests in peace in my home town; therefore, Japan is the (main) country for this piece.
On one hand this piece is revisiting (the essence of) my works and life so far, and on the other hand it is my (usual desperate) wishes for the future which certainly continues after my death.

“375% Tashi. Here and n/ever.”

Idea and texts: Tashi Iwaoka
Performance: Tashi Iwaoka [with Kuroko]
Text advise: Nat Miller
Production: Ehkä-production, Muiderpoorttheater, DasArts, Tashi Iwaoka

A Way of the Dragon series
A Way of the Dragon is a solo performance series about one’s (actually, my) way of dealing with things (I was born in 1976, the year of dragon). Each performance is made under certain themes and related countries.
There is a slight reference to the format of hero series on TV e.g. the same underwear and boots appears in all pieces as the costume of the main character – myself.