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Tashi Iwaoka: A Way of the Dragon [a scheme for making one love] in Suomi

A Way of the Dragon [a scheme for making one love] in Suomi is the second piece of A Way of the Dragon performance series.

In the second of the series, the theme is ‘love’. For this occasion I used elements from my long-term affair with Finland. It is rather impossible to explain love and it is also impossible to explain why I am in love with Finland. (But one of the small yet important reasons is tervasnapsi, Finnish tar liqueur.) Yet I attempt to touch this universally unexplainable thing via my personal relation to the world (of my own or of ours).

The piece also explores my passion for entertaining the audience. That is based on my strong belief in ‘humour’. I consider humour one of the greatest human qualities.

This is a solo performance that cannot be done without ‘you’ in its essence. “One loves ’One Love’ when it’s right there (like in a smoky party, etc). But is it really possible? If so, how many people is one, actually?”

Idea, texts and performance: Tashi Iwaoka
Finnish translation of the original English text: Anna Torkkel
Production: Ehkä-production, Tashi Iwaoka


A Way of the Dragon series

A Way of the Dragon is a solo performance series about one’s (actually, my) way of dealing with things (I was born in 1976, the year of dragon). Each performance is made under certain themes and related countries. There is a slight reference to the format of hero series on TV e.g. the same underwear and boots appears in all pieces as the costume of the main character – myself.